Hilarious Donald Trump Wig with USA SUNGLASSES and COMB

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We crafted this wig specifically to look like Donald Trump and we did it in a fun and wild way that will leave everyone around you smiling and having a good time! If you want a boring Donald Trump look, check elsewhere. With this wig you not only get the party experience, but you also get a product made of the highest quality materials: 1) Easily comb it and shape it into the perfect comb over look (use your free comb!); 2) Hisilli Comfort-CapTM, inner mesh lining that won't itch so you can enjoy hours of comfortable wear; 3) Hisilli Super-StretchTM Cap, this wig will fit ANY man, woman or child age 3 or older; 4) High quality guarantee, what you see is what you get! This is the perfect wig to nail your Donald Trump costume, be the final touch to your perfect impersonation, or make for an incredible night out with friends. Take it out at your next party and we promise you will be the center of attention! If you happen to be in the market, this wig will probably even get you a date! This is the best Donald Trump wig on the market and we look forward to providing you with a great product and a great experience!
HIGH QUALITY GUARANTEE: What you see is what you get!
HISILLI SUPER-STRETCHTM CAP: One size fits ALL men, women and children comfortably!
HISILLI COMFORT-CAPTM: Comfortable non-itchy cap for hours of comfortable wear!
TRUE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We always help you until you're 100% happy and we respond quickly! Give us a shot, send us a message now!

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